Questions about Giving

Included below are some of the questions we have been asked about annual giving at St. Augustine's. We hope you will find the questions and responses helpful. If you have a question that is not answered here, or if one question leads to others, please contact our rector, the Rev. Kristin White:

What is faithful stewardship?

The essential definition of stewardship is the way in which we care for the many gifts that God gives us. Our Annual Giving campaign is one part of our faithful, shared stewardship of St. Augustine’s Church. Each year, we give part of what God has given us as a resource that makes it possible for us to live out the mission to which God calls us.

When we give in accordance with our faith, this is what it looks like:

  • We give intentionally. We make a plan and follow it, pledging our resources to the church as stewards of God’s generous grace.
  • We give regularly. We establish repeated patterns of giving that take place daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
  • We give generously. Our giving provides us the opportunity to echo the generosity God shows to us. Giving with a willing heart helps free us from the control our material possessions can claim over our lives.
  • We give first, not last. The Bible calls us to return our “first fruits” to God. This is a farming term inviting us to give from the first and best part of the harvest, rather than from what remains at the end.
  • We give proportionately. Instead of a specific amount, the Bible invites us to give in proportion to the gifts that we have received. As part of our faithful, shared stewardship of St. Augustine’s, we invite our members to pledge a percentage of household income as a gift to the church.
  • We give with purpose. Every gift to St. Augustine’s Church helps us to live our mission: We invite people into the midst of this Church, we connect with God and one another, we equip ourselves as disciples, and we ask God to send us out to share Christ’s mission of peace, justice, and service to the world.

What is a pledge?

Your pledge is your commitment to give a stated estimated amount to St. Augustine's Church for the coming calendar year. This contribution can be made in one annual sum, or divided into weekly, monthly, or quarterly amounts, whichever works best for you. It's helpful if you can let us know which of these you plan to do so that we can be prepared.

Why is it important to make an annual pledge?

This is a practical matter for the church. When we have an estimate of people's gifts, we can plan accordingly for the coming year. This helps us to make accurate, responsible decisions as we budget for the coming year's gifts and expenses with the purpose of living our mission.

How do I decide what to give?

  • The amount of your pledge is a question of both faith and practice. As you think and pray about it, here are some questions to consider:
  • How has St. Augustine’s Church shaped my life and the life of the people I love?
  • What would be, for me, a significant financial contribution?
  • What percentage of my household income do I currently give to St. Augustine’s? How does this echo God’s generous gifts to me?
  • What did I pledge to the church last year, or for the past several years? What ability do I have to prayerfully increase that gift?

It may be helpful to know that our average annual gift at St. Augustine's for 2016 was $3,400.

Proportional Giving Percentages

Income            1%                   3%                   5%                   7%                   10%

$50,000           $500                $1,500             $2,500             $3,500              $5,000

$75,000           $750                $2,250             $3,750             $5,250              $7,500

$100,000         $1,000             $3,000             $5,000              $7,000             $10,000

$250,000         $2,500             $7,500             $12,500            $17,500           $25,000