Liturgical Ministers

Liturgical ministers help us to offer our gifts to God in worship.  Join us in this most excellent offering by serving in one of the roles listed below.  Contact Mary Senn, our Minister of Ceremonies, to volunteer.

Acolytes serve at the altar and assist throughout the service.  We welcome children to begin serving as children's crucifers or gospel book bearers at age 7, returning to their parents after the procession or after the gospel procession. Children age 9 or older may serve as acolytes, carrying torches and assisting through the full service. Eucharistic Ministers are adults who carry the processional cross and assist throughout worship.

Lectors read scripture passages aloud to the congregation as part of our worship.  We welcome children, youth, and adults to join this important ministry of sharing sacred texts with the congregation.

Leaders of the Prayers: We pray each week in thanksgiving and intercession for each other and for the world, following the guidance of the Leaders of the Prayers.

Chalice Bearers serve the consecrated wine at Communion.

Ushers are the first people greeting worshipers as they enter church on Sunday mornings.  They offer service bulletins, collect the congregation’s offerings, and bring gifts to the altar.  Ushers are ready to assist people with questions or those who need any assistance. We invite children, youth, and adults to serve in this important ministry of welcome.