Included below are some of the questions we have been asked about annual giving at St. Augustine's. We hope you will find the questions and responses helpful. If you have a question that is not answered here, or if one question leads to others, please contact our interim rector, The Rev. Suzi Holding.

Why pledge?

Your financial support helps St. Augustine’s leaders prepare well for the year ahead of us. Every year we seek to act responsibly and faithfully, balancing the generous pledged gifts we anticipate that St. A’s will receive with the mission we believe God calls us to in this time and place. In practical ways, this means creating a budget that attends to compensation for those employed by the parish, outreach to people who stand in need, support for the Diocese of Chicago, music, children’s ministries, adult education, administrative supplies, and good care for the property and buildings entrusted to us. Pledging is a way for everybody to participate in the life we share at St. A’s.

What is the goal of this year’s campaign?

Our goal for St. Augustine’s Annual Giving Campaign is to increase the number of pledged gifts and to increase the size of each for the coming year and return to giving at levels St. Augustine’s saw prior to the 2008-2009 recession.

What will it mean for us to achieve that goal?

  • Answering our Christian call to respond to the needs of the world: sheltering people experiencing homelessness through our support of Family Promise, feeding people who are hungry by food collections and monthly service at A Just Harvest Soup Kitchen, offering financial provision through efforts championed by St. A’s members with our Mission Grant Outreach program

  • Maintaining our commitment to the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

  • Providing for ministries that form our lives of faith: music that helps us to worship in the beauty of holiness, programs that equip us to share our sacred stories, opportunities to share in fellowship

  • Sustainable funding of a staff equipped to serve St. Augustine’s parish and community, including a return to two full-time priests (right now our curate position is significantly funded by a generous gift from a long-time member)

  • Ensuring that our buildings and properties are kept in good repair, providing members and guests with safe and hospitable spaces to share in worship and fellowship and service and teaching

  • Moving away from reliance on the responsible disbursement of our endowment to fund our operating budget, toward the goal of making those funds available for special projects in the future

Who is pledging for?

Everybody can make a financial commitment to support St. Augustine’s with a pledge to our annual giving campaign: members who have been received into the parish, newcomers, friends who worship with us at Christmas and Easter, and former members who have moved away but still want to support the life of St. A’s. If St. Augustine’s makes a difference in your life and you would like to participate in helping us continue to make a difference in the world, we invite you to pledge your support this year.

What’s the average annual gift at St. Augustine’s?

This year’s average annual pledged gift was $3,268. Below you will find the number of gifts received, by range.

Amount Pledged         Number of Gifts Received

$1 < $1,000                             22

$1,000 < $5,000                      59

$5,000 < $10,000                    20

$10,000+                                 4

How much to pledge?

As you consider what gift to pledge, we hope you will begin by praying. Take time and space to give thanks for the gifts that you have been given, and then pray about how you can honor the abundance you have received by your pledged gift to St. Augustine’s. We ask that you offer a gift to the church that is significant to you, in the context of your own household budget, in a way that recognizes St. A’s importance in your life.

Proportional Giving Percentages

Income            1%                   3%                   5%                   7%                   10%

$50,000           $500                $1,500             $2,500             $3,500              $5,000

$75,000           $750                $2,250             $3,750             $5,250              $7,500

$100,000         $1,000             $3,000             $5,000              $7,000             $10,000

$250,000         $2,500             $7,500             $12,500            $17,500           $25,000

What if I can’t give very much?

We are blessed that St. Augustine’s holds together lots of different kinds of people. Some have the resources to give large donations, and some can afford small contributions. All of the gifts we receive are essential to our mission, our budget, and to the life we share.

How can I make my pledge?

  • Complete the Annual Giving certificate and return to church by mail or in person

  • Use our online certificate of giving:

  • Access your giving tab through Realm:; click the “pledge” button you will find there; you can also make your payment there by debit or credit card

Does St. A’s allow for stock or IRA donations?

Of course, making a gift from your Required Minimum IRA Distribution could reduce your tax bill. Additionally, delivering highly appreciated long term stock holdings from a taxable investment account can be extremely beneficial from a tax perspective.

Who should I talk to if I have more questions?

Making a financial gift to the church is both a practical and a spiritual effort. If you have questions about either of these aspects and would like to talk more about your offering, please contact our interim rector, the Rev. Suzi Holding, or our co-treasurer, Gray Curchin.